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Hi, my name is Bradley; and I am a newt addict. I fell in love with these inquisitive aquatic animals years ago and began to learn all I could about them. In doing so, I found that most animals being sold where wild caught, imported in terrible conditions, and usually were sick and did not live long at home. Saddened by this; I decided that I would try my hand at breeding some newts myself. My first species I chose the Alpine newt; obtaining four beautiful and healthy animals from one of the very few quality newt breeders working in the US; Michael Shrom. With some book knowledge and some luck; I was very successful with the Alpines; breeding hundreds of them over the years. I have since started up breeding colonies of several more species, and selling these to local reptile and pet shows, locally owned and quality pet stores, on amphibian message boards, on FaceBook, and this website to help me keep in contact. I do this for the love of the newt. I am an active member of the Minnesota Herpetological Society; and I’ve given presentations on care as well. The money that I make selling these animals goes right back into feeding, maintaining and expanding the newts I care for. Animal breeders do it for love, not profit. Profit=puppy mill. Triton Newts is all about providing healthy, captive bred and lovingly raised newts to you to enjoy for many years. I have moved newts into new homes from Nome, Alaska to Key West, Florida. I hope to bring you a new friend as well. Cheers!


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